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Find the industrial, manufacturing, fulfillment/warehouse, clerical/administrative, skilled trades or professional job that’s right for you. StaffBuildersHR works with employers offering temporary jobs, direct hire and temp-to-hire jobs throughout Lakeland, Tampa, Orlando and Central Florida. Contact StaffBuildersHR, and our recruitment experts will find you the right match.

  • Add flexibility to your career with temporary job opportunities
  • Show off your skills on the job in temp-to-hire positions
  • Get your resume in front of the right hiring manager to land a great direct hire job
  • Find exclusive jobs that often aren’t even posted

We connect job seekers in the Tampa, Orlando, Lakeland and the central Florida region with new opportunities at a variety of great employers. Find your perfect fit now:

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Once we find a job you’re interested in, the process begins. We will:

  • Assess your match with client requirements
  • Administer an in-house drug screen
  • Conduct a background check as required by client
  • Train you on our policies and client-specific requirements
  • Share employer expectations regarding your on-the-job performance
  • Get you started on your new job